The Types Of Natural Flea Killer For Dogs?

Natural flea killer for dogs – as you know people love to have pets in their homes, but while you are having. As in, the rainy season the pets feel itchy, scratchy. It is the only time when these fleas attack these dogs. Fleas are microscopic heads that annoy the dogs and feed on the skin of these dogs.

These fleas annoy your pets and can cause a serious skin problem. There are various flea treatments than can help your pet to get rid of these fleas. However, these chemicals are so hard that is not at all safe to your children’s to touch. It is better to use natural flea killers for dogs. Think twice before you use these chemicals on your dogs as when these chemical are not safe for your children than do you think they can be used on your soft furry dogs.

Types of natural flea remedies

Natural flea collars – If you want, your dog to get rid of fleas than avoiding the use of chemical flea collar you should go for the natural flea collars. You can go for nylon or cotton collars. Or you can pour just one drop of chemical mixtures over the flat side of the collar and make it dry completely before use as well as make it sure that you change the collar every week.

For making a good natural solution for dog’s collar you have to add, I spoon of vodka, one drop of essential oil, one drop of garlic oil and one small capsule.

Nematodes– these are microscopic worm like natural flea remedies. There are many different kinds available in the market, but some are varying beneficial as they feed on different pests. These nematodes are easily available at the garden store; you can buy then, mix it well with the water, and spray them around the ground.  Make sure you water your garden every day as these nematodes need moisture to survive.  This will help your dogs to get rid of fleas.

Apple cider vinegar- you must have heard of the benefits of the apple cider vinegar, it is said that it has flea preventions when it is applied on the infected area. Make a solution of half water and spritzing on the coat of your pet. You will find that your dog will be less tolerant of being sprayed.

Brewer’s yeast– it is one of the basic, but it is quite true. If your pets are healthy, then they will be free from fleas. You will see some additional benefits of warding off these fleas are brewer yeast. You will find that if your pets are fed with proper Nutrition’s food, they will be fewer fleas. It is suggested you should add a ½-teaspoon for small dogs and one spoon for big dogs.

Lemon spray repellent– this lemon spray repellent will help your dog gets rid of the fleas it is the best natural flea killer for dogs. You just have to cut the lemon in quarter size shapes and cover it with boiling water. Early morning, spray the mixture on your pet.

Therefore, these are the types of natural flea killer for dogs that will help your dogs to get free from fleas.

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