5 Best Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs

The study shows that a single flea laid more than 20 eggs per day and in whole life, it lays more than 2000 eggs. That means, if your pet is infected by these small insects then it is difficult to get rid of fleas. If you eliminate them by any technique, they will increase their population next day. Without any potential treatment, it is impossible to get rid of these insects. Some of the chemical products in liquid form are available in the market. You can choose these chemicals and apply to your dog. Keep the thing in mind, the dog and human’s body is most similar. Hence, the chemical products impact badly on dog’s health. So you should choose the Natural flea killer for dogs.Natural Flea Treatments.

Some of the natural medication or treatment is available in the list. Choose any one which is suitable for you and you can apply it for some days.

Vacuum and Boric Acid

This is the most simple or convenient natural flea treatment for dogs. Boric Acid has the harmful ingredients for the flea. Also, there is no need to directly apply on the dog’s body. You just have to spray the liquid or acid on the floor, carpet, furniture in a small amount. Try to sit the dog at this place over night or more than 5 hours. The Boric acid is poison for the fleas. It not only kills an adult flea but kills eggs and larvae. It dehydrates larvae and eggs.

Diatomaceous earth and vacuum

Diatomaceous earth is also the best home remedy to get rid of fleas. It is a simple treatment to avoid fleas in which you have to apply the powder on dog’s skin directly. After applying the powder, you need to massage the coat. The dog coat must be dry when spraying the powder. It results better when you apply the powder at carpet and floor. Leave the mixture on the body of a dog and vacuum it after 4 days. It provides a better result if you want your pet to get rid of fleas.


Fleas basically consume blood from the birds, and pet animals. Also, they are available on the outside of a house in yard or garden. So, you need to control their production. Nematodes are other species that hunts small insects and fleas. Also, they destroy flea’s larvae and eggs. This is why; you need to water the garden to increase the number of nematodes. Nematodes grow in the presence of moisture this is why the watering instruction must be regular.

Salt and vacuum

When you realize, your dog feels irritated due to fleas, then must clean out the carpet, furniture, floor with perfection. Vacuum the floor and carpet that it sucks larvae and eggs of fleas. After cleaning the surface, you should apply salt that can prevent the production of fleas.

Lemon spray and rosemary

The lemon and rosemary leaves are the best suitable natural flea remedies. Boil rosemary leaves for half an hour and sprays the mixture to the dog’s body. Instated of it, you can use lemon water to get rid of fleas.

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